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Attraction Lights – Design Ideas

FLW Waterlilies Bronze 6x6x42″

Looking for a way to spark renewed interest with your existing clients? We’d suggest showing them the latest and greatest in artistic outdoor lighting! Our best customers tell us of great results recommending Attraction Lights fixtures to their existing clients. Some even take demo lights on service calls to show as a conversation starter.

Now that your customer is excited to hear your ideas for adding something new and artistic to their property…where should you place Attraction Lights fixtures for the best effect?



FLW Circles 6x6x80″ Garden Sculpture

Design Ideas: 

To start, Attraction Lights bollards are more than heavy duty lights; they are also landscape sculpture and yard art, which has a strong aesthetic appeal for most homeowners.

Also, the lighting is more than just great lighting with the added drama of shadow patterns. Consider adding these signature dimensions to your design pallet!

Leaf Cluster 9x9x100″ Spire



Add a beautiful lighted sculpture to a dull planting bed… now it’s a beautiful landscape focal point!

Example: The play of light and metal design on our 6x6x80″ or 9x9x100″ is enchanting! They are very approachable and intriguing to contemplate at eye level (with no glare). These tall bollards stand out among plantings and create a great incentive to stroll the garden night or day!




Swirls 6x6x42

Create a new view for your client to enjoy inside the house from a picture window, year round. Don’t be timid… go with a tall bollard to attract attention beyond the glass!

Also, consider where the lighting will fall at night: Maybe on beautiful plantings, or on a patio to show off the shadow patterns. You might also mention the dramatic winter scene they will have when the snow covers the ground!



Circle Cross 6×6 Series Patio Trio

Expand the nighttime scene beyond typical pathway and house lighting for more depth, improved yard access, and security. Attraction Lights bollards establish a strong visual connection even when placed well apart in the yard.

Consider a group of three bollards in three different heights as an attractive grouping to unify an area, illuminate, and expand views.


Swirls 6x6x13″ shadows!
Create a special highlight for guests to enjoy along the front walk with a beautiful artistic light, and dramatic shadow patterns too!

Welcome guests with something out of the ordinary before they reach the front door. Even a well placed small light will be memorable!

(Contrast with Swirls 6x6x42″ above)



FLW Circles 4x4x37″ & 4x4x25″ entry

Photos for your presentations?

Would you like to show your clients photos like these to spark interest? Reply to this email and request our updated Dropbox folder link with many project photos from all over the country. You are welcome to download our images and include in your presentations.


Also, remember to ask about our demo lights to show the substantial quality and great unique lighting at your next important appointment!

I am always happy to discuss design ideas with you. Send me your project photos. I’d love to see what you are working on!

Lyle Braund

Attraction Lights, LLC


Firefly Series: Globes + Round Columns – New for 2018

Firefly Globes and Round Columns – New for 2018!

Firefly Globes, Ground Mount: 8, 10, 12 inch
Firefly Globes – Ground Mount: 8, 10, 12 inch



A couple months ago, I discovered copper wire LED string lights while out at a nice restaurant with my business partner, Janie. The enchanting display of “Firefly Lights” we saw filled large glass containers on a ledge, creating a warm glow and beautiful ambiance. The following photos present our creative take on showcasing this attractive light source.

Firefly Globes, Ground Mount: 12 inch, 2200K LEDs
Firefly Globes – Ground Mount: 12 inch, 2200K LEDs


Firefly Globes – Ground Mount:

Consider dramatic new pathway and area lighting with Firefly Globes, ground or surface mounted. The LED color is 2200K which is very pleasant to look at and the sum total of the hundreds of small LEDs is enough lumens for effective soft warm glow lighting.  The clear acrylic sparkles by reflecting the many points of light.

Firefly Globes - Hanging: 8, 10, 12 inch
Firefly Globes – Hanging: 8, 10, 12 inch

Firefly Globes – Tree or Trellis:

These decorative ornaments can also provide year round area lighting. Same beautiful golden globes, with hardware to hang from branches, a trellis, roof line, etc.  Use in groups of three sizes for best effect:  8″ 10″ and 12″ shown. Attach the globe’s long lead wire to your 12 volt landscape lighting system.

Firefly Column - 4 inch round
Firefly Round Column: 4 inch


Firefly Round Columns:

The same fascinating light source can also fill 4-inch round acrylic tubes. The photo shows an indoor floor stand option, but these can also be used outdoors as deck or patio stand-alone lights. A variety of heights will be available from 2 feet to 6 feet tall for path lighting or as featured lighting elements in the landscape.

Firefly 2200K LEDs on Copper wire
Firefly 2200K LEDs on Copper wire reflecting on acrylic tube


Firefly Series:

This exciting new light source has many possibilities that we are just beginning to explore for outdoor and indoor use. The copper wire string lights are very water resistant. They are suitable for outdoor use and the acrylic housings provide an extra layer of protection. Frosted acrylic and a variety of LED colors provide even more appearance options.

We will be adding details for these new lights to our website early in 2018. See the website’s Galleries page for these photos and more. If you would like high rez images to download, email us to receive a Dropbox link.

Please send us your feedback and let us know what options you like best!


Firefly Globes Hanging - 10, 12 in 2200K IMG_7451 - Copy for email
Firefly Globes – Hanging: 10, + 12 inch


Wishing you a prosperous New Year!

It has been another year of growth for Attraction Lights, thanks to our loyal customers and many new customers as well!  I will use this email format to keep you up to date on our business expansion and new light fixtures in the works for 2018.

Thank you so much for your continued business!  Lyle Braund

Attraction Lights Talks About “The Imitators”

Fifteen years ago, the ORIGINAL Attraction Lights introduced a distinctive new style to the landscape lighting market.
Unfortunately, some new, inexperienced companies are now trying to capitalize on our popularity with poorly made imitations of Attraction Lights’ signature style.

Nothing compares to the quality of Attraction Lights!

Our beautiful Aspen 6x6x26 Bollard by Attraction Lights
Our beautiful Aspen 6x6x26 Bollard by Attraction Lights

So, what might you get if you chose a quality-challenged light from one of “The Imitators?”

Attraction Lights heard, first hand, about one of “The Imitator” companies whose light fixture arrived literally bent out of shape, just from the shipping!  The flimsy fixtures were a result of cost cutting on materials!  

Where ELSE are “The Imitators” falling short?  

• Poor area lighting
• Limited lamp options
• Limited design and size options
• No commercial grade options
• Poor mounting systems, just to name a few.

These problems don’t exist with Attraction Lights

Pathway lighting: Swirls 4×4 & 6×6 Series

Lyle Braund, owner and originator of Attraction Lights’ style of lights, thinks any lighting professional considering one of “The Imitators” should first ask a simple question:

“How many years have you been designing and refining your product?”

Any “Imitator” would have to admit, “Not very long!”

By contrast, Attraction Lights:

• has been designing and refining our decorative fixtures for 15 years.
• As we listen to what lighting pros have suggested to us over the years, we have implemented, modified, and even developed our own “secrets of the trade.”
• We also have the most extensive catalog of artistic design options and years of expertise in designing custom fixtures for your special projects!
• Plus, you can feel good about your Made in USA purchase!

Leaf Cluster Spire 9x9x100" detail
Leaf Cluster Spire 9x9x100″ detail

Attraction Lights will remain the industry leader to watch through creativity, innovation and by providing the highest quality light fixtures in our signature style!

We appreciate our customers who have expressed their loyalty by honoring integrity and high ethical standards. Thank you for your business and for choosing Attraction Lights!

2×2 Series: Expanded Vision!

Excellent pathway lighting with2x2 Series light!
2×2 Series:  Excellent pathway lighting!

Attraction Lights is introducing new landscape lighting fixtures, called “2×2 Series!” These slim, stylish lights broaden the appeal of our decorative designs, and offer a significant reduction in price, too!

Sun design is new option
Sun design is new option

The 2×2 Series embodies many of the same distinctive features that establish Attraction Lights as the leader in creative outdoor lighting! Our new design provides a slim artistic landscape element, adding a subtle beauty alongside its sculptural cousins in the 4×4 and 6×6 Series.

Lantern design adapted to 2x2 size
Lantern design adapted to 2×2 x24″

The narrow profile of the these lights allows for excellent lighting with our recommended LEDs. This lamp is the Brilliance 2 watt bipin in 2700K or 2200K (candle light). Also, enjoy our trademark surprise: Beautiful shadow patterns projected on the ground surface from the steel housing designs!

Swirls adapted to 2x2x24
Swirls adapted to 2x2x24″

The initial graphic designs include one new design, called “Sun,” plus two of our most popular designs adapted for the 2×2 inch size: “Lantern” and “Swirls.”  The standard finish is weathered steel, a wonderfully organic finish for the outdoor environment.

The 2×2 Series was designed for both economical production and artistic appeal! The creative lighting professional will be able to further distinguish their projects with these new Attraction Lights signature designs!

At Attraction Lights we continue to expand our vision for outdoor lighting. “Expand Your Vision” too, by offering your clients the latest exciting ideas in landscape lighting!

Website note:  Look around to see all our updates and  changes.  A redesigned Lighting Products page includes the new 2×2 Series.  Also, check out the Outdoor Lighting Projects page for more ideas for your next project.

Shadow Pattern Lighting

Broken Light Streetscape Lighting

Exciting new trends in outdoor lighting!

This spring at Light Fair there was a lot of excitement for “Broken Light.” A Netherlands based lighting design company has won numerous international awards for its streetscape lighting that features “shadow patterns.” The lighting effects add drama and beauty to what otherwise would be a rather dull, pedestrian surface.

Aspen Obelisk, 6x6 Series, shadows with 7 watt CREE, ALTLED MR16, 2800K
Aspen Obelisk shadow patterns

At Attraction Lights, we are pleased to see  international recognition for this new way of thinking about outdoor lighting!  Attraction Lights has been developing this “shadow pattern” aspect of landscape lighting for over 10 years!

Broken Light produced sophisticated street lights mounted on utilitarian light poles to generate artistic abstract lighting patterns on sidewalks, with stripes of light on nearby building walls.

Attraction Lights fixtures use a decorative housing to interrupt the lighting and generate artistic lighting patterns. The designs can be geometric, abstract, or nature-like.  The area around the fixture is well illuminated, but with a perceptible pattern in the lighting, especially on uniform surfaces.

Swirls Obelisk and Path Lights

The Attraction Lights fixture is also an artistic asset in the garden or streetscape! Sculptural elements are an excellent choice for directing the eye through the landscape, day and night. Plus, by adding garden art and sculpture, you demonstrate an attention to detail that your clients will appreciate.

1 Lantern Design, Grande Beacons & Mini Bollard, (6x6 Series)
Lantern Grande Beacon shadows

It appears the traditional outdoor lighting approaches are evolving to include shadow patterns as an exciting artistic technique in outdoor lighting!

Do you have clients that would be excited to see the latest lighting trend with their proposal?

Shadow Pattern Lighting from Attraction Lights!

8 FLW Waterlilies 6x6 Bollard Detail
Frank Lloyd Wright Waterlilies design adapted for 6×6 Bollard