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Bollards with a Weathered Steel Finish

Weathered Steel on high grade structural steel  provides an earthy appearance that is very attractive in the landscape. It is a living, self renewing organic finish.  The surface rust actually protects the steel beneath, and because of its texture it does not show dust as many finishes do. In most environments the weathered steel finish will provide a much longer (attractive) fixture life vs all applied coatings such as powder coats.  The exception is in the presence of salt.

Cleaning the Finish:  Spray with water and scrub, then rinse. Trade secret; If you want to accelerate the weathering process use a mixture of white vinegar and table salt sprayed on.  Rise off with water when complete.

The Weathered Steel Finish is Not Sealed.  Install the fixtures where rust staining will not be an issue. Ground covers and mulches are not affected.

Powder Coatings will minimize the possibility of rust stains. (See Powder Coatings)

Weathered Steel Finish – Lifetime No Rust Through Guarantee on all fixtures even by the ocean.

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