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4×4 Series Landscape Lights

Path and driveway lights, patio and deck lights, decorative bollards, residential and commercial lighting, area lighting, home and garden outdoor lighting, artistic landscape sculptures

Standard Sizes:

  • 4x4x17:  17-inch tall with 6-inch cap (stake mount)
  • 4x4x25:  25-inch tall with 6-inch cap (stake mount)
  • 4x4x37:  37-inch tall with 6-inch cap (8-inch pier mount)
  • See page bottom for standard features and options

4x4 Series: Top Designs Gallery

  • Below are our most popular designs for the 4x4 Series of lights.
  • Click on an image to see the enlarged photo
  • All gallery photos are available in high resolution for your promotions!  Email Attraction Lights and request to receive a link to a Dropbox folder.





Circle Cross

FLW Circles


More Designs

New Designs

Top Designs Galleries - More Details

  • The design galleries are in order by popularity with the best sellers at the page top 
  • We have the best availability for the top 6 designs in the 4x4 Series.  Check  Availability
  • Attraction Lights has more designs than pictured here.  See the Resources page - Design Options for PDF drawings of our selection of designs
  • We also produce custom designs and fixtures for your special project.  See Resources page - Custom Design and under Products:  Custom Bollards

Aspen 4x4 Design

Aspen 4x4x17
Aspen 4x4x25
Aspen 4x4x37
Aspen detail
Aspen shadows
Aspen winter shadows

Swirls 4x4 Design

Swirls 4x4x17
Swirls 4x4x25
Swirls 4x4x37
Swirls detail
Swirls shadows
Swirls path lighting

Vine 4x4 Design

Vine 4x4x17
Vine 4x4x25
Vine 4x4x37
Vine detail
Vine shadows
Vine path lighting

Lantern 4x4 Design

Lantern 4x4x17
Lantern 4x4x25
Lantern 4x4x37
Lantern detail
Lantern shadows
Lantern path lighting

Circle Cross 4x4 Design

Circle Cross 4x4x17
Circle Cross 4x4x25
Circle Cross 4x4x37
Circle Cross detail
Circle Cross shadows
Circle Cross 4x4 Series

FLW Circles 4x4 Design

FLW Circles 4x4x17
FLW Circles 4x4x25
FLW Circles 4x4x37
FLW Circles detail
FLW Circles shadows
FLW Circles path lights

Oak 4x4 Design

Oak 4x4x17
Oak 4x4x25
Oak 4x4x37
Oak detail
Oak shadows
Oak path lights

Mesa Steps 4x4 Design

Mesa Steps 4x4x17
Mesa Steps 4x4x25
Mesa Steps 4x4x37
Mesa Steps detail
Mesa Steps shadows
Mesa Steps 3 sizes

FLW Tree 4x4 Design

FLW Tree 4x4x25 Silver
FLW Tree detail
FLW Tree shadows

New Minimalist 4x4x24 (minimum order of 12)


Minimalist 4x4x24
Minimalist path lights
Minimalist 4x4x24 lighting

New Elements Series 4x4x25

5 Elements:  Use 1 of each design as a set

Earth 4x4x25
Earth 4x4x25 shadows
Water 4x4x25
Water 4x4x25 shadows
Air 4x4x25
Air 4x4x25 shadows
Fire 4x4x25
Fire 4x4x25 shadows
Spirit 4x4x25
Spirit 4x4x25 shadows
Elements path lights
Elements path lights

4x4 Series Lights Standard Features:

  • Light Fixture Body:  4-inch square structural steel tube,1/8-inch wall
  • Cap:  Formed steel, 6-inch, 1/8-inch thick
  • Finish:  Weathered Steel, see Resources page
  • Finish Options (extra cost):  Powder Coat (Bronze, Black or Silver) over zinc plated steel
  • Design Options:  See Galleries above or Resources page for PDF drawings
  • Ground Mount:  4x4x17 & 4x4x25 – ABS 3-inch pipe/stake
  • Surface Mount Options:  All stake mounted lights
  • Concrete Pier:  4x4x37 – hardware & template included, see Resources page
  • Socket:  Bipin ceramic socket under cap, Teflon coated wires routed out light base
  • LED Lamps (not included):  LED Lamp Recommendations (12 Volt) on Resources page
  • Dark Sky friendly lighting:  LED lamps shielded and lighting directed down
  • Installation plans and fixture detail PDFs available on Resources page
  • Proudly made in USA!
  • Lifetime Guarantee with proper installation, see Resources page

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