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Custom Design

If the standard fixture dimensions and designs of Attraction Lights do not fit the needs of your project, custom design may provide the best solution. Please be prepared to provide photos, files or drawings for specific ideas and graphics you have in mind.

The custom design fee starts at $300, but may be higher depending on the scope of the work involved. If the fee is higher it will be quoted upfront.

The $300 fee (paid in advance) will provide an initial AutoCAD drawn pdf proposal with design options for consideration.  After review, a final drawing will be produced suitable for production of the custom light fixtures. There may be one more round of small changes. Additional time beyond this outlined scope of work will be billed at $95 per hour.

Additional shop set up and file development charges:

  • Custom Bollard orders with less than 20 fixtures will have shop set up charges added.
  • In general $400-$600 will be added for production of 1 unique bollard on top of the standard fixture price.  Request a quote for your project.  The specific amount will vary with the bollard size and the complexity of the shop set up.  
  • As the order quantity increases beyond a count of 10 the set up cost will decrease proportionally until the set up costs reach $0 with an order of 20 bollards or more.   The fixture count must all be of the same design and size. 
  • New 6x6x40″ “Frame Bollards” accept metal plates with custom graphics (Example: A house number) to keep the cost low.  Each side of the bollard has a single large vertical rectangle cutout.  The custom design plates are secured within each frame with screws.  This approach will keep the fees in the $200 – $400 range for a single custom bollard.
    • Example:  A single house number 6x6x42″  bollard costs $300 over the standard bollard price.
    • Give us a call to discuss and to request a quote for your custom ideas!