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Bronze and Black texture in sun light

Bronze and Black texture in shade

Silver texture Powder Coat

Powder Coat Finish Options

Our bollards may have a powder coat finish rather than our standard weathered steel for an added cost (see pricing below). Powder coating (PC) is a baked on plastic based finish that is UV resistant and is more durable and environmentally friendly than paint finishes. Prior to powder coating all our steel fixture components are zinc plated to restrict the possibility of rust spreading under the PC finish.

Standard finish colors with no minimum:  Oil Rubbed Bronze and Black Sparkle – pricing by fixture size below.  These finishes are our most popular.  They are a textured no gloss finish that does not readily show water spots and dust.

Sample powder coat plates available by request.

2×2 Series powder coat cost:

  • 2x2x24″ = $30 each – stake mount

4×4 Series powder coat cost:

  • 4x4x17″ = $50 each – stake mount
  • 4x4x25″ = $60 each – stake mount
  • 4x4x37″ = $80 each – stake mount
  • 4x4x37″ = $90 each – pier mount

6×6 Series powder coat cost:

  • 6x6x13″ = $50 each – stake mount
  • 6x6x19″ = $60 each – stake mount
  • 6x6x25″ = $80 each – 6″ cap and stake mount
  • 6x6x26″ = $110 each – 9″ cap and pier mount
  • 6x6x34″ = $120 each – pier mount
  • 6x6x42″ = $135 each – pier mount
  • 6x6x80″ = $210 each – pier mount

Round Series powder coat cost:

  • 4×12″ = $40 each – stake mount
  • 4×18″ = $50 each – stake mount
  • 4×24″ = $60 each – stake mount
  • 4×36″ = $80 each – stake mount

Silver Texture and custom PC colors are available with a minimum batch charge of $450.

  • Request a link via email for selecting custom colors.  Hundreds of colors and finishes available!
  • Your custom PC project cost will be quoted up front and be based on the total number of lights.
  • Note: Powder coating fixtures typically adds 2-4 weeks to the production time frame.

Powder Coat Guarantee – 5 years for Bronze, Black and Silver.  (Other custom colors 1 year.)  Attraction Lights now has 10 years of experience with the “Oil Rubbed Bronze” and “Black Sparkle” finishes applied to our zinc plated steel bollards with no finish failures or fading!  We also have high confidence in the new Silver Texture so we guarantee these 3 finishes for 5 years.  Note: The typical PC finish life is expected to be 10-15 years with proper care.

Note:  Attraction Lights steel bollards are built from such heavy dimension materials that we hope you will consider re-finishing when the PC finish eventually fades. The old finish can be stripped by sand-blasting and a new powder coat finish applied.

Weathered Steel Finish on our heavy grade steel fixtures will last more than a lifetime!

Custom options:  Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Copper fixtures can be fabricated for your special project!