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Custom Bollards & Custom Lighting

Attraction Lights can partner with you to create light fixtures to fill unique needs, and to provide signature elements for your project!

Standard 6×6 Series Sizes:

Custom Bollards are typically 6×6 Series or larger for ample space to display graphics, street number, or logo.

  • Custom sizes available to suit your project
  • 6x6x13: 13-inch tall with 6-inch cap (stake mount)
  • 6x6x19: 19-inch tall with 6-inch cap (stake mount)
  • 6x6x25: 25-inch tall with 6-inch cap (stake mount)
  • 6x6x26: 26-inch tall with 9-inch cap (8-inch pier mount)
  • 6x6x34: 34-inch tall with 9-inch cap (8-inch pier mount)
  • 6x6x42:  42-inch tall with 9-inch cap (8-inch pier mount)
  • 6x6x80: 80-inch tall with 9-inch cap (12-inch pier mount)
  • See page bottom for typical 6×6 Series Standard Features

Custom design options

  • All aspects of our bollards can be customized to fit your needs and artistic vision.  See Resources page for the process and fees.
  • We welcome your ideas to expand our creativity even further!

Custom Design Elements Galleries

  • The following galleries are filled with custom design examples from many projects completed with our clients.
  • Contact us today to discuss your needs and creative ideas!

Custom Bollard Graphics

  • Logos can be displayed and/or custom graphics cut from the bollard metal housings.
  • Also see the Projects pages for more about these featured custom bollards.

Custom Applications

  • Attraction Lights has adapted our basic bollard design to fit other applications such as decorative lighted posts and street signage.
  • Also see Project pages for more about the projects these custom shape bollards were developed for.

Custom Shapes

  • Attraction Lights has built round and triangular bollards to suit project needs and client preferences.
  • Also see Project pages for more about the projects these custom shape bollards were developed for.

Custom Finishes

  • Typically refers to powder coat colors and texture options.
  • Request an email link to powder companies with online color selections and sample swatches.
  • Also see the Resources page – Powder Coating

New LED Light Sources!

  • Attraction Lights fixtures can accommodate a wide variety of light sources – lamps/bulbs. 
  • We can partner with you to make our light designs work with your preferred light source for your project.
  • We also enjoy working with colorful and unique LED lighting options as you can see in the gallery photos. 
  • Also see the Resources page – LED Lamp Recommendations for our standard recommendations by fixture size.

Art Glass and Acrylic Options

  •  Art glass was used in most early Attraction Lights models, and we still enjoy adding color to some of our custom lights with art glass inserts.
  • We use acrylic backing for most of our logo bollards as it has excellent lighting qualities, is durable, and provides color good contrast so a logo will be highly visible.

6×6 Series Bollards (Typical) Standard Features:

  • Light Fixture Body:  6-inch square structural steel tube, 3/16-inch wall
  • Cap:  Formed steel – 6-inch and 9-inch, 3/16-inch thick
  • Finish:  Weathered Steel, see Resources page
  • Finish Options (extra cost):  Powder Coat (Bronze, Black or Silver) over zinc plated steel, see Resources page
  • Design Options:  See Galleries above or Resources page for PDF drawings
  • Ground Mount:  6x6x13, 6x6x19 & 6x6x25– ABS 4-inch pipe/stake
  • Surface Mount Options:  All stake mounted lights
  • Concrete Pier:  6x6x26, 6x6x34, 6x6x42 & 6x6x80 – hardware & template included, see Resources page
  • Socket:  Bipin ceramic socket under cap, Teflon coated wires routed out light base
  • LED Lamps (not included):  LED Lamp Recommendations (12 Volt) on Resources page
  • LED Flood option for line voltage, UL listed wet location – cut sheet available on request
  • Dark Sky friendly lighting:  LED lamps shielded and lighting directed down
  • Installation plans and fixture detail PDFs available on Resources page
  • Proudly made in USA!
  • Lifetime Guarantee with proper installation, see Resources page