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Landscape Lighting Designer – Lyle Braund

My philosophy for light fixture design took shape over 15 years ago with the realization that good lighting can be paired with attractive fixtures.  As a lifelong landscape designer, I envision how attractive lights can enhance any overall landscape plan. Attraction Lights offers my distinctive creations, and we have seen dramatic growth, as lighting professionals embrace our new approach to outdoor lighting.

More than lighting:  Have you noticed the recent trend of adding yard art to landscapes?  These days, many homeowners want to see more than plants in their yard. Decorative landscape lights can help satisfy this desire by combining two strong interests.  Attraction Lights combines landscape art and creative lighting for a more interesting landscape design.

Signature lighting:  Attraction Lights designs also offer the new dimension of shadow pattern lighting. This delights clients time and time again!  The decorative cutouts in our metal light housings project striking patterns onto the ground when combined with appropriate LED lamps. These unique features of Attraction Lights will distinguish your project, and generate new excitement in the outdoor scene!

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your lighting project with you, and offer creative solutions!

Lyle Braund

Trust Attraction Lights!  We are the original shadow pattern lighting company!

  • 15+ years of experience balancing shadow patterns with wide area lighting.  
  • Precision, artisan, heavy duty metal work is made in the USA.
  • Commercial applications with our larger bollards, including 120 volt, UL listed options.
  • Custom fixtures and graphics (working the artist) for your one-of-a-kind projects!