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Demo Lights

Demo Lights are for the use of the lighting professional, and for display at shows or for client demonstrations.

Lights Recommendations:

  • Most Popular Designs: These are also the designs we regularly stock
    Swirls, Lantern, Vine, Aspen, Circle Cross and FLW Circles
  • To view all Design Options see Resources page (PDFs) and specific “Series” pages for photos
  • Most Popular sizes:
  • 2×2 Series:  one size fits all
  • 4×4 Series:  4x4x25″ – path lighting, garden features
  • 6×6 Series:  6x6x42″ – large properties and commercial projects, also garden features

Choose your Demo Lights:

  • Pick up to 3 lights from the Availability page accessed through the Landscape Lights drop down options

Ordering and Payment:

  • Email us with your request for confirmation, and we will email our invoice to review the order details
  • Total Demo Lights invoice not to exceed $1,000.00 with 20% discount off contractor pricing
  • Payment due prior to shipping
  • Typically a one time only purchase for our new business contacts

90 Day Loan Policy:  Show a specific bollard to a client or on a project…

  • Well established Attraction Lights customers only
  • We will write up bollards as a typical sale, but you only pay shipping costs and LED lamps prior to shipping
  • No other payments due for 90 days
  • Or, return the fixtures within 90 days – you pay return shipping
  • Bollards must be returned in the same condition as received
  • New customers can receive bollards “on loan,” but payment in full is made up front.  Then the lights can be returned within 90 days for a refund less the shipping and LED lamp costs.