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Attraction Lights Driveway Lighting: Project Study – Miller Residence

Attraction Lights 6x6x80″ Bollards provide a welcoming and unique approach for residential or commercial landscapes. Our lights make a signature artistic statement for this property!

The Project:
Outside of Minneapolis MN, the Miller Residence features the Attraction Lights Vine 6x6x80” bollards in a weathered steel finish.  These tall bollards replaced glaring commercial-looking lighting poles.  See all the design option photos for the 6x6x80″ bollards on our new website’s 6×6 Series page.

Pier Mounted 6x6x80:”
The standard mounting for the Attraction Lights 6x6x80” bollard is a 12” concrete pier with anchor bolts.  The existing concrete piers on this job were modified to work with our standard bollard base plate.  We can also custom cut base plates to fit existing bolt patterns to make replacing pier-mounted lights easier.  See our 6×6 Series Installation Guides for full details for the 7 standard heights of 6×6 Series bollards.

LED Light Source:
Area lighting around each bollard is provided by Brilliance LED 5 watt Pucks (2700K) mounted in the top of each 6×6 fixture.  A second Puck was also added in the 6×6 base below the design space for more “Pop” for the decorative metal cutouts. A small weatherproof driver was used in the base of each bollard to drop the 240 volt power supply at each bollard to 12 volt.

Design Notes:
The existing path lights around the driveway circle and main home entry were replaced with Vine design fixtures in the 4x4x25” size.  Our path lights, paired with our recommended two watt LED bipin lamps, provide good broad lighting on the driveway and front walk with a wide beam spread (180 degree) and high lumen output (137 lumens).  The same path lights were added to the driveway entry to add more decorative interest to the planting beds.  See 2 photos below, also see the 4×4 Series page for photos of all design options.

More Design Notes:
Attraction Lights decorative bollards provide excellent no-glare lighting, and are approved for areas with dark sky restrictions.  Our standard set up is for 12 volt landscape lighting systems. MR16 lamps in five or seven watt (3000K) provide another good 12 volt option for lighting the 6x6x80” bollards.  Plus, we offer a UL listed line voltage option:  A LED Food rated 85-277 volt, 10 watt, 3000K for our 6×6 bollards making them suitable for commercial projects.

Home owner Dan Miller:

“I’m very pleased with the outcome of the project we installed, The unique rustic design of the driveway columns and landscape lighting was a warming change.  I look forward to seeing them on when evening arrives!”

See more projects on our new website’s Projects page with Residential and Commercial designs represented by many beautiful photos.

Please contact me with any questions, or if you would like to discuss your project.

Lyle Braund
Owner & Designer

Attraction Lights Spark Interest

Attraction Lights will Spark Interest with your clients!

Add art to the landscape. FLW Circles 6x6x80" Obelisk (Lighthouse IN, Tim Ryan)
Attraction Lights fixtures add garden sculpture! FLW Circles 6x6x80″ Obelisk (Tim Ryan, Lighthouse IN)

Add new, exciting opportunities for clients in 2016 by offering clients Attraction Lights in their existing landscape design!  Attraction Lights fixtures are a great conversation starter with your clients! Here’s how:

  • Call them to say you would like to show something truly unique and beautiful as an enhancement to their landscape design!
  • Send an email showing artistic Attraction Lights photos! (Ask us to send a photo folder link with images for download.)
  • Add these same great images to your website!
  • Send a mailing showing beautiful night scene and shadow pattern lighting!
  • Show a demo light on a service call to spark their interest in more work!

Now that you have their interest, how do you add Attraction Lights to an existing lighting plan? Here are three possibilities to consider:

1. Expand the night scene by adding a tall sculptural light or a fixture grouping beyond the existing lighting. This will create new nighttime views, and encourage an evening walk in the garden.

2. Replace those common path lights with artistic Attraction Lights fixtures. Our lights add drama to any night landscape! Your client will enjoy the art, plus the new dimension of shadow patterns! Note: For the shadow patterns to be visible, set the new light apart from other lighting.

Replace common path lights to add excitement! Aspen 4x4x25" Grande Path (Tim Ryan, Lighthouse IN)
Replace common path lights to add excitement! Aspen 4x4x25″ Grande Path (Tim Ryan, Lighthouse IN)

3. There is a lot of client interest in landscape art and sculpture! Now you have outdoor lighting art to offer!

Add sculpture to the landscape! Leaf Cluster detail 9x9x100" Spire
Add metal art to the landscape! Leaf Cluster detail 9x9x100″ Spire

Ideas for introducing Attraction Lights to customers:

  • Suggest the idea of “lighting art” when guests arrive at the property! (Along the driveway and/or walkways.)
  • Suggest creating a dramatic view for the client to enjoy from the patio, deck or pool!
  • Consider what a new nighttime view from inside the home might look like, for year-round enjoyment.
  • Show how one accent light (or group) added to a previously invisible garden area can bring it to life!
  • Offer custom designed fixtures for your best clients!

Attraction Lights will add new excitement to your client’s lighting plan! You are now offering more than just functional lighting. You are offering art in the form of useful sculpture with amazing lighting!

Expand Your Vision for lighting and you will expand your business possibilities!

Attraction Lights for your commercial clients too! Custom railroad theme 6x6x54″ Bollard, Lincoln Nebraska