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Finish Options

All lights may have a powder coat finish rather than standard weathered steel. Powder coating (PC) is a baked on plastic based finish that is UV resistant and is more durable and environmentally friendly than paint finishes. Prior to finishing all fixture components are zinc plated to restrict the possibility of rust spreading under the finish.

PC Charges: Due to the added steps required for PC fixtures there is a minimum charge of $450 per batch. The batch charge will cover several fixtures. The total cost for your project will be quoted up front and based on the total number of lights. If your project has a small number of fixtures and can be combined with another of our powder coating jobs the minimum may be reduced to $250.

– PC fixtures are customized for maximum coverage and durability of the zinc plating and PC finish.

– Please Note: Powder coating fixtures typically adds 2-3 weeks to the production time frame.

General PC Cost Estimate, updated for 2016:

  • 2x2x23″ = $25 each – stake mount
  • 4x4x17″ = $35 each – stake mount
  • 4x4x25″ = $45 each – stake mount
  • 4x4x37″ = $65 each – pier mount
  • 6x6x13″ = $45 each – surface mount plate $40 with stake mount
  • 6x6x19″ = $55 each – surface mount plate $50 with stake mount
  • 6x6x25″ = $65 each – 6″ cap and stake mount
  • 6x6x26″ = $75 each – 9″ cap and pier mount
  • 6x6x34″ = $95 each – pier mount
  • 6x6x42″ = $110 each – pier mount
  • 6x6x80″ = $170 each – pier mount

Powder Coat Guarantee – 5 years – new for 2016 – Attraction Lights guarantees the finish for 5 years when the fixtures have been properly installed and cared for. Typical finish life is expected to be 10-15 years. Attraction Lights fixtures are built from such heavy dimension materials that we hope you will consider re-finishing after the finish fades. The old finish can be stripped and a new finish re-applied.

Finishes and material that will last a lifetime or more:

Weathered Steel on high grade steel and cast iron (see Weathered Steel Finish)

Also, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass (green patina or brown), and high quality Aluminum (silver/gray)

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