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Attraction Lights – Color Shadow Patterns and Lighting for the Holidays

Attraction Lights:  Color shadow patterns for the holidays!

Attraction Lights has a simple way to add festive color to the holiday landscape!  Add LED MR16 lamps in beautiful colors to your Attraction Lights decorative bollards!  What makes the color lighting so unique is our signature shadow patterns!

All photos:  Shadow Art Series – Silver Bubbles 4×12″ deck railing mount with a light snow cover

These bulbs from ALTLED have very strong red, green or blue colors and can be easily swapped out with white lamps in our standard bipin sockets.  We have tried a variety of color bulbs and these static color lamps produce the best shadow patterns by far!  The 12 volt lamps are available in 5 watt or 7 watt.

In areas with snow cover, color lighting and shadow patterns produced by our graphic designs are the most dramatic!  In addition to color lighting, the LED lamps also light up the thick metal edges of our decorative bollards for an exciting new look any time of year!

Whether you install holiday lighting or not, this is a simple way to offer your customers something special for the holidays with their Attraction Lights bollards.  Keep our color lighting options in mind for your clients’ special events. Consider using this new eye-catching dimension in any landscape!

Contact us today to give your projects an exciting new look for the holidays…or any time of year!

Lyle Braund
Owner & Designer