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Author: Lyle Braund

Bollard Upgrades Complete for 2021! – We make the best, and now even better!

Attraction Lights has been consistently upgrading our landscape lights (2×2, 4×4 and 6×6 Series) since our first models were introduced over 16 years ago.  We have listened to our customers, and we have installed the decorative bollards ourselves for hands on experience. We have always been open to new ideas, and we remain determined to be the creativity and quality leader in our signature style of outdoor lighting! 

Photo above:  Lava Lamp 6x6x42″ Bollard – note the design wraps the corners!
Below:  Lava Lamp 6×6 detail

As 2021 begins we have now perfected and implemented the upgrades we have been working on for the last couple of years.  If you have not purchased from us recently here are the top 3 highlights:

1. The new 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6 Series lights are a sophisticated formed square fixture with the wireway built into one corner.  The same new fixtures are used for the weathered steel and zinc-plated powder coat finish options.  

  • This new production approach also offers the possibility of other metal options such as aluminum.
  • And, our turn-around-times are reduced for your cut to order projects!

Photos below:  Lava Lamp 6x6x42″ – 1 solid corner for wireway! See 6×6 Series Bollards

2. Our new manufacturing (exclusive to Attraction Lights)  gives us the flexibility to wrap three of four corners with graphic designs as cut from the heavy gauge steel.  

  • Attraction Lights will keep our most popular designs as is with solid corners.  These designs will be the “Classic Designs.”
  • We are introducing new designs that are enhanced by bending around the corners such as the Lava Lamp design seen in this article.  Also see the Shadow Art Series (round fixtures).  These designs are now options for the 4×4 and 6×6 Series!

Photos below:  Lava Lamp 6x6x80″
Base detail:  Up light in the base is now standard

3. The 4×4 and 6×6 Series bollards all have the same style stainless steel drop in top enclosure plate to protect the LED lamps and limit bugs.  These top plates can also be adapted to fit a variety of LED modules.

  • Example:  We have heard from customers requesting the Brilliance LED Mini Beam rather than bipin lamps.  We now offer top plates to make it easy to position and install this integrated LED option.  
  • Also, we offer Custom Mini Beams with a wider beam spread and better shadow patterns with our 4×4 and 6×6 bollards than the standard model.  See LED Lamp recommendations by fixture size

Photo below:  Lava Lamp 6x6x42″ shadow patterns (with open corners)

Attraction Lights has implemented these significant upgrades to make sure we remain your best choice for decorative bollards with shadow pattern lighting!  

  • You will find we have the best pricing when paired with Attraction Lights quality!
  • We offer the most decorative bollard outdoor lighting options ranging from our 2×2 Series path lights to 10.5 foot Pillars suitable for streetscapes and park settings!
  • Attraction Lights offers the most graphic design options with ever-expanding choices.  We also offer expert custom design graphics for your best project leads!

Photo below:  Lava Lamp 6x6x42″

Special 20% off demo light offer:  Purchase one of our new light fixtures to see for yourself and display for clients the quality and artistry of Attraction Lights!  Even if you have purchased demo lights previously this offer still applies!  Check our Availability page to pick one out today!

We look forward to working with you in 2021!  Let me know if I can help you in any way with design recommendations, or a price quote for your next exciting project!

Photo below:  Lava Lamp 6x6x80″

Attraction Lights Shadow Art Panels – New for 2021


Shadow Art Panels – New for 2021! 

Decorative Shadow Patterns projected onto vertical surfaces!

Attraction Lights now offers yet another creative option for your landscape lighting designs:  Shadow Art Panels! When paired with appropriate light sources, Shadow Art Panels can project beautifully dramatic shadow patterns onto vertical surfaces such as walls and fences!  

Photo above:  Cosmos 2′ x 2′ Shadow Art Panel close up
Below:  Cosmos shadow pattern covers stucco wall 20′ tall x 16′ wide

Over 16 years ago, Attraction Lights introduced the concept of decorative bollards with shadow pattern lighting. In 2020, we presented the Shadow Art Series with 3 new graphic designs! This year, we are expanding these designs in our first Shadow Art Panels.

Photos below:  Grasses  2′ x 2′ Shadow Art Panel

The Shadow Art Panels in this article are our first prototypes. The projected shadow patterns can cover all or a small portion of a surface.  The relative distance and angle of the spotlight and panel determine the size of your projected patterns. 

We are taking orders now for Shadow Art Panels shipping in March.  Order your demo panel now to spark your creativity!

Photos below:  Bubbles  2′ x 2′ Shadow Art Panel

Lighting setup in article photos:
– Stucco wall:  20’ tall and 16’ wide (tan color)
– Metal panel distance from the wall:  6’
– Standard spotlight (MR16 lamps) distance from the metal panel:
          – At 1.5’ the artistic display covers the 20’ wall
          – At 2’ distance the shadow pattern is 10′ tall

Photo below:  First 3 Shadow Art Panel designs
See decorative metal panel and light source details here:  Shadow Art Series

Photos below: Custom Tricolor LED Module Attraction Lights is developing.  We will send an email with more details soon!

Note: All article photos were taken with an iPhone, and they were not altered (other than cropping) or enhanced!


With so much architectural lighting being featured these days, you will find it useful to have a decorative lighting option for walls that otherwise would have no particular features of interest! Now you have a new way to create dramatic night views and lighting scenes! 

Attraction Lights hopes these new lighting options will inspire your creativity in 2021! Let us help you distinguish your outdoor lighting projects today!

Lyle Braund – Owner & Designer
Attraction Lights, LLC

Photo below:  A close up of the Bubbles Panel lighting with the Tricolor LED Module.  Note the shadows of foliage mixing in on stucco wall.


Attraction Lights – Color Shadow Patterns and Lighting for the Holidays

Attraction Lights:  Color shadow patterns for the holidays!

Attraction Lights has a simple way to add festive color to the holiday landscape!  Add LED MR16 lamps in beautiful colors to your Attraction Lights decorative bollards!  What makes the color lighting so unique is our signature shadow patterns!

All photos:  Shadow Art Series – Silver Bubbles 4×12″ deck railing mount with a light snow cover

These bulbs from ALTLED have very strong red, green or blue colors and can be easily swapped out with white lamps in our standard bipin sockets.  We have tried a variety of color bulbs and these static color lamps produce the best shadow patterns by far!  The 12 volt lamps are available in 5 watt or 7 watt.

In areas with snow cover, color lighting and shadow patterns produced by our graphic designs are the most dramatic!  In addition to color lighting, the LED lamps also light up the thick metal edges of our decorative bollards for an exciting new look any time of year!

Whether you install holiday lighting or not, this is a simple way to offer your customers something special for the holidays with their Attraction Lights bollards.  Keep our color lighting options in mind for your clients’ special events. Consider using this new eye-catching dimension in any landscape!

Contact us today to give your projects an exciting new look for the holidays…or any time of year!

Lyle Braund
Owner & Designer

New 2×2 Designs – At a wonderfully low price point!

Circle Cross 2×2

Attraction Lights has just introduced its updated 2×2 Series! We heard from lighting professionals their desire to offer more of our unique lighting options, and at a price competitive with ordinary path lights. The new 2 x 2 Series is exactly that! We also like the idea of offering a familiar light fixture size and scale for our contractors and homeowners in addition to our beautiful larger decorative bollards.

2×2 Series Upgrades:

  • Graphic designs now on all 4 sides of this elegantly designed fixture!
  • Simplified stake mount is consistent with our 4×4 Series lights
  • Simplified socket mount for easier access and adjusting the lamp
  • Great looking Circle Cross design added
Lantern 2×2

Our goal with the new 2x2s is to make Attraction Lights a simple choice when you show our fixtures to your customers! Stand them next to a typical path light. The choice will be easy and price no issue!  Attraction Lights will also help you find those customers interested in exploring more creative lighting solutions for their property!  See website’s 2×2 Series page

The initial production run of our 2x2s includes three beautiful designs! We will add more soon, but while we are introducing this batch of new fixtures, we will offer a demo light pricing discount (20%) for one light from any of our three design choices.  We have the weathered steel finish and powder coat options available.  See our new website’s Availability page to make your choice.

Branches 2×2

Attraction Lights 2x2s can help you stand out from the competition at a price that fits your needs and expectations!  Call or email today to get started!

Lyle Braund
Owner & Designer

Attraction Lights – Sea Turtle Marketplace, Hilton Head, SC

Todd Theodore, Regional Landscape Architect Principal for Wood + Partners, Inc.:

“The Attraction Lights bollard used at Sea Turtle Marketplace provides a very unique and nature blending lighting solution for the shopping center’s outdoor environment. The bollard lights are well built, made of top quality material and were very reasonably priced.
Attraction Lights provided us with excellent support, quick turnaround and delivery to the contractor. We are very pleased with the final product and look forward to using Attraction Lights on future projects.”

Project Details:
This is a new commercial shopping plaza located on Hilton Head Island, SC. The site was designed by Wood + Partners Inc. 

Attraction Lights was contacted by Todd Theodore, RLA, to discuss the 6x6x42” bollard design options (“Grasses” chosen) and the finish (Oil Rubbed Bronze powder coat over zinc plated steel) along with the light source (integrated 10 watt, 3000K,  UL listed LED flood).

All Bollards pictured:  Bronze Grasses 6x6x42″ with integrated 10 watt LED Flood

See more 6×6 Series Bollard design and height options here

Design Notes:  
– The Grasses Design works well with the informal planting plan and suggests the native environment with sand dune grasses nearby. 
– The bollard’s decorative metalwork and shadow pattern lighting add artistic dimensions to admire as shoppers stroll between stores, or pause in the attractive public spaces.

Commercial Site Design by:  Todd P. Theodore – RLA  Principal, Wood+Partners Inc. (link)
Landscape Architects / Land Planners, Hilton Head Island, Tallahassee

– Attraction Lights decorative bollards offer landscape architects and designers a medium to add more artistry to their site designs.  
– We have the widest selection of standard designs and finishes for our signature style bollard lights.  Plus, we offer custom design so you can use your creativity to incorporate your graphics into our bollards.
Click here for more information about the Custom Design process
– Attraction Lights produces commercial quality bollards with UL listed LED Flood light source options.  We have over 15 years of expertise in this lighting style we introduced to the outdoor lighting industry.

We look forward to discussing your project, and how Attraction Lights can add exciting new artistic elements to your landscape designs!

Click here to see more photo galleries of Commercial and Residential Projects

Lyle Braund
Owner & Designer