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Attraction Lights Talks About “The Imitators”

Fifteen years ago, the ORIGINAL Attraction Lights introduced a distinctive new style to the landscape lighting market.
Unfortunately, some new, inexperienced companies are now trying to capitalize on our popularity with poorly made imitations of Attraction Lights’ signature style.

Nothing compares to the quality of Attraction Lights!

Our beautiful Aspen 6x6x26 Bollard by Attraction Lights
Our beautiful Aspen 6x6x26 Bollard by Attraction Lights

So, what might you get if you chose a quality-challenged light from one of “The Imitators?”

Attraction Lights heard, first hand, about one of “The Imitator” companies whose light fixture arrived literally bent out of shape, just from the shipping!  The flimsy fixtures were a result of cost cutting on materials!  

Where ELSE are “The Imitators” falling short?  

• Poor area lighting
• Limited lamp options
• Limited design and size options
• No commercial grade options
• Poor mounting systems, just to name a few.

These problems don’t exist with Attraction Lights

Pathway lighting: Swirls 4×4 & 6×6 Series

Lyle Braund, owner and originator of Attraction Lights’ style of lights, thinks any lighting professional considering one of “The Imitators” should first ask a simple question:

“How many years have you been designing and refining your product?”

Any “Imitator” would have to admit, “Not very long!”

By contrast, Attraction Lights:

• has been designing and refining our decorative fixtures for 15 years.
• As we listen to what lighting pros have suggested to us over the years, we have implemented, modified, and even developed our own “secrets of the trade.”
• We also have the most extensive catalog of artistic design options and years of expertise in designing custom fixtures for your special projects!
• Plus, you can feel good about your Made in USA purchase!

Leaf Cluster Spire 9x9x100" detail
Leaf Cluster Spire 9x9x100″ detail

Attraction Lights will remain the industry leader to watch through creativity, innovation and by providing the highest quality light fixtures in our signature style!

We appreciate our customers who have expressed their loyalty by honoring integrity and high ethical standards. Thank you for your business and for choosing Attraction Lights!