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Shadow Effects

Welcome to the premiere of the Attraction Lights blog! 

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Our blog goal is to provide useful information related to the distinctive design and unique applications of Attraction Lights for your landscape lighting projects.

Blog Topic:  Shadow Effects

Swirls Path Light with shadow effect
Swirls Path Light

Our first topic is introduced by Randall Whitehead, nationally known lighting designer, author, and speaker, who offered the following about Attraction Lights:

 “Hey Lyle,  as you probably know, I am a big fan of Attraction Lights! I am more than happy for you to mention my inclusion of your fine products in my presentation to the ALOP.”

“Pagoda lights are the Paris Hilton of lighting. All they say is, ‘Look at me, look at me, look at me!’ They draw  attention to themselves without providing any true benefit. At night they are just little blobs of light, taking away the focus from everything else.”

“If you want to use pathway lights, consider something that has a little artistic integrity, such as those made by Attraction Lights! These have a

Vine Path Light with shadows
Vine Path Light

strong, sculptural presence during the day, and are a beautiful, glowing presence at night. The shadow patterns they create are wonderful all year and especially intriguing when snow is on the ground. The light source is hidden inside the cap of the fixtures, so there is never the glare like the one that comes from a traditional pagoda light or many of the bollards that are on the market. Isn’t it much nicer to be invited along the pathway, than assaulted by a series of stubby glare bombs?”

(See the two previous photos from Randall’s presentation.)

Discussion continues by Lyle Braund, Designer of Attraction Lights:

Leaf Cluster Bollard shadows
Leaf Cluster Bollard shadows

Besides good functional lighting, most Attraction Lights designs offer the unique feature of attractive shadow patterns cast on the surfaces surrounding the light fixture.  Each design in the light’s metal housing will produce a distinct pattern on the ground.  The “Swirls” design is probably the most striking (See first photo above again).

Factors influencing shadows:
Lamps that are a single pin point light source with clear glass will produce the sharpest shadows.  Simple bi-pin lamps have been ideal, but probably should be phased out in favor of LEDs.  So, which LEDs will produce the best shadow effects?  Look for those lamps with a single high output LED.  Multiple LED lamps will still produce shadows, but they will be much more diffused.

Acrylic inserts:  Attraction Lights have optional acrylic inserts that install just under the lamp to shield it from spray and/or diffuse the light.  The taller light designs are supplied with acrylic inserts.  If the insert is clear (typically supplied with bollards), it will not affect the shadows.  If this acrylic insert is frosted (typical of obelisks and spires), it will eliminate shadows by diffusing the light, and it will also reduce the potential for glare from views upward into the tall lights.  Frosted acrylic inserts will spread the light more widely and soften the edges, but you lose the shadows.  You decide which is more important on your project.

Art glass inserts:  Path light fixtures with art glass may cast interesting, streaky shadows, depending on the glass.  However, the light housing design will not produce a distinct shadow, since the glass scatters the light.

It is our goal at Attraction Lights to build landscape lights that offer designers creative options well beyond those of other companies.  Please share your “Comments” relating to your experiences with Attraction Lights.  We hope this and future posts will inspire your lighting designs!

Silver Moon Lighting CA, Swirls Obelisk








Lyle Braund
Attraction Lights, Design & Sales

Note:  Dramatic ground shadows, Swirls Obelisk    Photo credit:  Silver Moon Lighting, CA