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Shadow Pattern Lighting

Broken Light Streetscape Lighting

Exciting new trends in outdoor lighting!

This spring at Light Fair there was a lot of excitement for “Broken Light.” A Netherlands based lighting design company has won numerous international awards for its streetscape lighting that features “shadow patterns.” The lighting effects add drama and beauty to what otherwise would be a rather dull, pedestrian surface.

Aspen Obelisk, 6x6 Series, shadows with 7 watt CREE, ALTLED MR16, 2800K
Aspen Obelisk shadow patterns

At Attraction Lights, we are pleased to see  international recognition for this new way of thinking about outdoor lighting!  Attraction Lights has been developing this “shadow pattern” aspect of landscape lighting for over 10 years!

Broken Light produced sophisticated street lights mounted on utilitarian light poles to generate artistic abstract lighting patterns on sidewalks, with stripes of light on nearby building walls.

Attraction Lights fixtures use a decorative housing to interrupt the lighting and generate artistic lighting patterns. The designs can be geometric, abstract, or nature-like.  The area around the fixture is well illuminated, but with a perceptible pattern in the lighting, especially on uniform surfaces.

Swirls Obelisk and Path Lights

The Attraction Lights fixture is also an artistic asset in the garden or streetscape! Sculptural elements are an excellent choice for directing the eye through the landscape, day and night. Plus, by adding garden art and sculpture, you demonstrate an attention to detail that your clients will appreciate.

1 Lantern Design, Grande Beacons & Mini Bollard, (6x6 Series)
Lantern Grande Beacon shadows

It appears the traditional outdoor lighting approaches are evolving to include shadow patterns as an exciting artistic technique in outdoor lighting!

Do you have clients that would be excited to see the latest lighting trend with their proposal?

Shadow Pattern Lighting from Attraction Lights!

8 FLW Waterlilies 6x6 Bollard Detail
Frank Lloyd Wright Waterlilies design adapted for 6×6 Bollard