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Month: February 2021

Attraction Lights Shadow Art Panels – New for 2021


Shadow Art Panels – New for 2021! 

Decorative Shadow Patterns projected onto vertical surfaces!

Attraction Lights now offers yet another creative option for your landscape lighting designs:  Shadow Art Panels! When paired with appropriate light sources, Shadow Art Panels can project beautifully dramatic shadow patterns onto vertical surfaces such as walls and fences!  

Photo above:  Cosmos 2′ x 2′ Shadow Art Panel close up
Below:  Cosmos shadow pattern covers stucco wall 20′ tall x 16′ wide

Over 16 years ago, Attraction Lights introduced the concept of decorative bollards with shadow pattern lighting. In 2020, we presented the Shadow Art Series with 3 new graphic designs! This year, we are expanding these designs in our first Shadow Art Panels.

Photos below:  Grasses  2′ x 2′ Shadow Art Panel

The Shadow Art Panels in this article are our first prototypes. The projected shadow patterns can cover all or a small portion of a surface.  The relative distance and angle of the spotlight and panel determine the size of your projected patterns. 

We are taking orders now for Shadow Art Panels shipping in March.  Order your demo panel now to spark your creativity!

Photos below:  Bubbles  2′ x 2′ Shadow Art Panel

Lighting setup in article photos:
– Stucco wall:  20’ tall and 16’ wide (tan color)
– Metal panel distance from the wall:  6’
– Standard spotlight (MR16 lamps) distance from the metal panel:
          – At 1.5’ the artistic display covers the 20’ wall
          – At 2’ distance the shadow pattern is 10′ tall

Photo below:  First 3 Shadow Art Panel designs
See decorative metal panel and light source details here:  Shadow Art Series

Photos below: Custom Tricolor LED Module Attraction Lights is developing.  We will send an email with more details soon!

Note: All article photos were taken with an iPhone, and they were not altered (other than cropping) or enhanced!


With so much architectural lighting being featured these days, you will find it useful to have a decorative lighting option for walls that otherwise would have no particular features of interest! Now you have a new way to create dramatic night views and lighting scenes! 

Attraction Lights hopes these new lighting options will inspire your creativity in 2021! Let us help you distinguish your outdoor lighting projects today!

Lyle Braund – Owner & Designer
Attraction Lights, LLC

Photo below:  A close up of the Bubbles Panel lighting with the Tricolor LED Module.  Note the shadows of foliage mixing in on stucco wall.